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Asience ♥

2 May


that day i went to watsons.. and i couldnt believe that ASIENCE IS SOLD AT OUR TEENY WEENY WATSONS!! AWESOME! (the website says that it is only available at SELECTED watsons)

i knew about Asience went i went to their website. Actually i was looking for Kao Essential. But unfortunately, i dont think M’sia’s selling it.However, it’s selling Asience.

okay, for those who don’t know what is Asience,

i believe that this word “Asience” come from the word Asian.


that’s cuz this product is DESIGNED FOR ASIAN HAIR! MEGA AWESOME

this product is also made in Japan.

rite, here’s the one i bought for my hair. Nature Smooth

YEP! the colours aren’t THAT attractive like how Kao Essential is.. BUT! THE RESULTS ARE AMAZING!

let me tell you whats in it,

when i used this, it has a MEGA AWESOME fragrance.. not to say that it is NICER SMELLING than Herbal Essences. but it has a real soothing smell..SO THATS GREAT!

right..a few natural ingredients

1st ) Pearl Protein

i believe many shampoo’s have this..but whats it for??

– Penetrates deep into the core to repair protein-loss from colouring and styling.

now you know.. LOL

2nd) Shell Ginger Extract

– Softens hair leaving it light, easily manageable and supple from root to tip

3rd ) Aloe Extract


– Protects your hair from the damaging effects of sunlight and dryness

LOVING THE PROTECTION FROM SUNLIGHT THINGY!! =) if you’ve noticed, HYDRATION is SOOOO IN NOW! mostly everything you buy, they are always emphasizing on HYDRATION, MOISTURIZING etc etc..

so in this shampoo.. i’d say it has DOUBLE HYDRATION!

4th )Camellia Oil

– Natural moisturizer that is easily absorbed into hair to restore its luster from within

(loving this picture!) ♥

5th ) Ginseng Extract

– Natural moisturizer bla bla bla..same like the 4th one.. lol!

btw, when u use this product, u could actually smell a tinge of ginseng.. and the shampoo doesnt smell FAKE! when i say fake, i mean like it’s filled with chemicals like that.. get it? lol

here’s the other product,


this product is mainly for normal to dry, frizzy hair that is prone to breakage..

the natural ingredients are the same as Nature Smooth..

in Malaysia, only two of these products are sold..

but in other countries, there is a PINK♥ one.. it’s called Smooth Therapy.. GOSH! WHY CANT MALAYSIA HAVE IT?!

there are also hair masks and stuff..

but like i said, MALAYSIA TARAK! =.=ll

so yea..

hope the girls will try to use it..cuz my hair SERIOUSLY FELT LIGHT AND BOUNCY AFTER USING IT!! U SHOULD TRY!!

now it has a limited addition pack.. they are in small bottles.. for the whole pack, it’s around 26 bucks.. i bought the bigger bottles.. they are sold seperately, so one bottle of shampoo costs around 29 bucks..yea.. LOL!


LIKE YOU!!! =)

and me..